Coronation St’s Michelle wants big wedding for Stella

Michelle Collins has confessed she can’t wait to plan a big fat soap wedding for her Coronation Street character Stella Price.

Rover’s landlady Stella is set to marry love rat and killer Karl Munro (John Michie), still unaware that it was him who burned down the pub.

Michelle, 50, who has never been married herself, told The Sun: “I’d want Stella to have a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding with the dress. It’s really weird because I’ve never been married but I’ve been married so many times on screen. What does that say about me? But I do love a wedding – and especially my own.

“Stella’s not been married before either so I think she will go for it big time.

“This is her first marriage and they’ve been together for a long time. I’m hoping she’ll go for it.”

She added: “We know there is going to be a wedding but all I’ve had is a call from the costume department asking me if I want to go wedding dress shopping.

“I haven’t seen a script yet. There is going to be a wedding and that’s all we know at the moment.”

Michelle thinks she will never have a big wedding of her own, so she is looking forward to her Corrie do.

She said: “I suppose I’ve got a bit too old to have that big white wedding thing, to be honest. I do love weddings.

“I did something where I was a bigamist and I got married eight times and that was a bit tiring. But I’m looking forward to getting married to Karl on screen.”

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