Coronation Street‘s Paula Lane reveals to Soaplife how Kylie’s latest misadventures could cost her custody of Max!

Yet again, Kylie has acted before putting her brain into gear – and she’s jeopardised her chance of getting Max back! With David away, she’s been partying with lads so Gail has kicked her out. Then she was rude to Audrey, so she got the sack. And then she thought she could make it better by blackmailing Audrey over her relationship with Marcia/Mark! The girl’s a fool! And now Social Services are coming to see if she’s fit to care for Max, so she’s desperate…

First Kylie tries to apologise to Audrey, doesn’t she?
“Yes, but Audrey doesn’t want to know. Kylie has to live with the consequences and although she wants to apologise and move on, it’s not that easy.”

Does Gail help her?
“Gail won’t let her back into the house. Kylie’s upset and in the bistro with new friend Eva when she sees Nick’s house keys on a table. She takes them, lets herself into the house and barricades herself in to show Gail how determined and desperate she is to put things right.”

Then David gets back from his business trip. But she attacks him for forgetting her birthday…
“Yes. He wants to know what’s been going on, but she’s angry with him and shocked that he’s caught her in this situation so she turns on him, too.”

But David didn’t forget her birthday. So is he on her side in the family row?
“He’s very much on her side. It’s an emotional scene and you can see how strong their marriage is. She’s never really had family to remember her birthdays so she had thought this was going to be special. He’s very supportive when she goes off the rails and he realises how fragile she really is.”

David tells Gail to let Kylie stay or they’ll both leave. Is that what Kylie would ideally like?
“She would love for them to have their own place. When the prospect of a house comes up with a job attached to it [when David comes back from the business course] she’s over the moon.”

But the social worker tells them their plans to move away could jeopardise their chances of getting Max back. If Kylie has to choose, what would it be?
“It would be living at Gail’s and having Max with her. She feels she and David are ready to move on, he’s showing her commitment and that he wants to be a family. Also, without Max in the picture she’s not complete. They’re ready to be a trio.”