Coronation St’s Reece discusses Joe’s depression

Reece Dinsdale has admitted he had some idea of how his Coronation Street character would develop.

His soap alter ego Joe McIntyre is at the centre of a row at the Platt’s house next week, which includes the revelation that Joe suffers from depression.

“There was a hint of what was to come. You don’t find out too much in advance,” said Reece. “The scenes I played felt very real and I think it’s something we’ll re-visit over time but I don’t think it’s something you can cram into one single week.

“We hinted there was a problem with Joe, we’ve been hinting at it for months… I think we’ll discover more as the months go by.”

But Reece is also hopeful that Joe will be able to contribute to the comedic side of Corrie.

“I like doing the heavy dramatic stuff, it’s kind of where I come from really in my background with TV dramas and things but also I’d love to do more of the lighter things,” he said.

“Years and years ago I did comedy for a long time – comedy’s something I do enjoy playing.

“Corrie’s got a great reputation for mixing the comedy with the tragedy so hopefully there’ll be a bit more of the lighter stuff to come as well.”

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