Coronation St’s Sally: ‘She wants Kevin and Jeff!’

Coronation Street‘s Sally Dynevor believes Sally and Kevin are meant to be. But she’s not sure she can resist Jeff when he returns!

Now they’ve spent the night together Kevin thinks it’s all sorted; he thinks Sally’s forgiven him for that affair with Molly and they’re back together. Not so fast, Mister! “Sally’s angry Kevin just assumes they’re getting back together and it’ll be the same as before,” says Sally. And, she adds, there is another fish in the sea… “Jeff comes back and is offering Sally something totally different to Kevin.” Keep ’em both we say!

So Sally’s not glowing the morning after her night with Kevin?

“Kevin’s full of the joys, but Sally’s wondering what she’s done. She felt sorry for him and felt he needed her and she was lonely, so one thing led to another. Now Kevin seems to think the relationship’s back on track, but they’ve not even discussed it. Sally’s really confused about her feelings. If she takes Kevin back does that mean she has to bring up the baby? What will the baby call her? Maybe they could live happily ever after, but it’s all so confusing.”

Why has Sally let Kevin stay at the house so long, then?

“I don’t know why she didn’t kick him out ages ago. She took him in out of pity, because he was injured and on his own with the baby, but she does really care about him, too.”

Then she bumps into Jeff…

“Jeff suddenly comes back on the scene as he picks Rosie up for a modelling job and Sally’s really excited to see him. Then she’s really torn. She says to Rita, ‘I can’t be with Kevin one night then go flouncing round town the next with Jeff’.”

And Jeff wants her back! How does she feel?

“Well he’s gorgeous, he’s romantic, he spoils her, he takes her out for dinner, he’s got no baggage, he’s single and he really seems to like her. Which is incredible when he’s hanging out with models all day. Kevin’s made it very clear what he wants, but what Jeff’s offering is something totally different.”

Who do you think she should be with?

“I think she should be with Jeff on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Kevin on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays! Jeff offers her the chance to have some fun and she loves all the attention, but would she be able to sustain that in a lasting relationship? I think she should probably be with Kevin; it feels like they’re meant to be together. But then he did do a very bad thing and baby Jack will always be there to remind her of that.”

Are you enjoying this storyline?

“Ooh yes, I’m loving it! I had to kiss two different men in a week, it was very exciting!”

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