Coronation Street‘s Samia Smith reveals Maria’s bad luck in love continues when she falls for a wife-beater…

How do Maria and Chris end up getting together?
“They seem to be bumping into each other quite a lot. Liz spots the spark between them both and says to Maria, ‘He’ll be asking you out soon.’ And next thing he does. Chris comes into the salon, has his hair cut and asks her out for a drink.”

Where do they go?
“The Rovers of course. They get on really well and are planning to head out… then Chris goes to the loo and Lloyd tells Maria he isn’t someone she wants to know and that his wife has a few bruises to prove it.”

How does Maria react?
“She’s shocked and gutted. She believes Lloyd as he’s not the type to lie about something like that. When Chris returns from the loo, Maria makes the excuse that Liam’s not well and she has to go home.”

Will it put her off him for good?
“You’d think so with her track record. I don’t think it does though. I’m not sure how it pans out, but I believe she goes back for more.”

Has she learned nothing from her past experiences?
“I like to think she wouldn’t stand for any rubbish this time round. She might want to see for herself what kind of man Chris is before judging him. Who knows? Perhaps Maria’s got to a stage where anything less than a murderer is a result.”

What attracts Maria to Chris?
“He’s a bit like Charlie Stubbs. Rough around the edges. He’s charming, too, and Maria can’t help liking him.”

Is there a man in the Street who’d be right for Maria?
“Tyrone. She had a peaceful life with him. They really loved each other and he made her laugh – although he did cheat on her with Fiz.”

Is she destined to have a rubbish love life?
“It does look that way. But as an actress it’s much more interesting if Maria’s relationships fail. At least they’ve all been different and none of them have been boring…”

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