Coronation St’s Samia: ‘Tony plot is believable’

Coronation Street actress Samia Smith has insisted that the storyline featuring her character Maria Connor falling for Tony Gordon is ‘believable’.

Tony (Gray O’Brien) was behind the murder of Maria’s husband Liam, and back in January even Maria thought he was behind the death – but he convinced her she had gone mad with grief.

Samia told “The way the storyline’s been playing, it’s been quite a slow burner in the development of feelings for each other, so hopefully it’s been quite believable.”

Speaking about the moment the pair confess their true feelings and kiss, Samia continued: “The moment has finally arrived for them to succumb to how they both feel about each other.

“All those massages and all that lovely food he’s been buying her, it’s kind of wooed her.

“It’s been a massive turnaround in feelings. If you go back to January when she was kind of trying to run him down and throwing red paint all over his car and accusing him of being a murderer.

“Now she’s sort of ready to set up home with him.”

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