Simon Gregson has described his Coronation Street character Steve McDonald as ‘an idiot’ for getting ensnared by Tracy Barlow.

The couple are set to get married during Monday’s episode, but Simon thinks his character is just going through the motions.

He said: “At the time of the wedding, Steve doesn’t really love Tracy. He’s deeply upset about losing the children, that’s 80 per cent of the reason why he’s getting married, the other 20 being Amy. He just wants to get the wedding over and done with and get out.”

Describing Steve, who he has played for more than 20 years, Simon said: “I think he’s a complete idiot, he gets himself in the most ridiculous situations, but he’s such a nice guy, he wants to do the right thing all the time. The problem with him is he wants an easy life, he hasn’t got the gumption to stand on his own two feet.”

The wedding episode sees the culmination of the love triangle between Steve, Tracy and Becky, and is Katherine Kelly’s last episode as Becky.

Steve said he’s really missing Katherine on set.

“It’s never good when someone who’s become a really good friend of yours leaves, because you miss your friends. When they leave it’s not very good, but we’re in touch all the time,” he said.