Coronation St’s Sue on Eileen’s dramatic love life

Coronation Street‘s Sue Cleaver talks to Soaplife about Eileen’s new man – and his big secret…

Why does Eileen cancel her date with hunky fireman Paul?

“She gets cold feet because of her track record in relationships and she doesn’t want to go through any more pain. But then he tips up on the doorstep saying, ‘I like you, do you like me, yes, right, get your glad rags on’ and they go to the Bistro for their first date.”

Then he forgets his wallet and she goes to his house to return it…

“And he won’t let her in! He’s really cold with her and she’s upset and writes him off. He comes to explain and at first she just blanks him. He tells her that he couldn’t let her in because his brother was round in a terrible state because his wife had left him and it was all a bit awkward and he didn’t get the chance to explain.”

And she believes that?

“She wants to believe that, of course she does. And so they carry on seeing each other.”

But Paul has a secret that Marcus and the viewers will discover before Eileen does…

“Yes, it’s very complicated and quite relevant to our times and will be a big dilemma for all the people involved in the story.”

So it’s not just another relationship storyline?

“No, no. There are just so many levels and it’s just going to be so interesting to play because of what it brings up…”