Coronation Street’s Vicky Binns says Kevin might be staying with Sally but Molly’s not staying with Tyrone…

Can Molly accept Kevin will never leave Sally now?

“She knows things have changed. Sally’s illness is bigger than their love affair. It’s life and death… But she’s still madly in love with Kevin. She feels sorry for Sally but she still 100 per cent believes they’ll be together at some point.”

Does she think Kevin’s stayed with Sally out of duty or love?

“The illness does seem to deepen his love for Sally. Molly sees they have something she’ll never have – a long marriage and family unit.”

She could have that with Tyrone if she wanted…

“She knows that and when he gets a job offer in Chester she thinks it could be a fresh start. She tries to believe moving away will make her fall back in love with him.”

So why don’t they go?

“Tyrone says he can’t leave, he has to support Kevin during Sally’s illness. It’s the last straw… Molly knows she has to leave Tyrone. She doesn’t respect or love him any more. She tells Kevin first and he’s stunned. He tries to make her change her mind but she can’t.”

How does she tell Tyrone?

“They‘re having a row. Tyrone’s had enough of Molly being moody and she tells him she’s leaving.”

How does Tyrone react?

“He pleads with her as she packs her bags. She hates seeing him so vulnerable but says ‘I don’t love you any more.’ The row spills into the street and the crowds gather. Tyrone tries to drag her back inside before breaking down.”

Without the affair, do you think they would have stayed happy?

“Maybe. But it has highlighted the mundane nature of her marriage.”

The word is Molly could be pregnant… Is it true?

“All I’m saying is there are lots more twists and turns to come…”

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