Coronation St’s William: ‘Fans should get online’

Coronation Street star William Roache has said he doesn’t think enough of the soap’s viewers use the internet to vote for the show to win awards.

The 79-year-old actor has starred as Ken Barlow since the show began in 1960, and revealed he doesn’t think the soap was given enough recognition for its dramatic live 50-year anniversary special.

William revealed on Loose Women: “What I think the problem is, I think a lot of our viewers don’t vote on the internet and I think a lot of the voting is now done on the internet.

“They need to get on the internet and vote for us.”

Last week, Coronation Street was named Best Soap at the National Television Awards 2012.

William said: “It is lovely to get awards. It’s good.

“Last year when we did the 50th anniversary, all those wonderful episodes going out every night with the tram crash and all that. The hard work, the writers, everything, it was wonderful.

“The ratings have been in and everybody loved it, but there were no awards coming in for some reason.

“I don’t feel the producers and the writers got sufficient accolades for the work they did. So winning that was good.”