Coronation Street’s‘s Helen Worth says Gail is terrified when her lies lead to her being locked up for a murder she didn’t commit…

Poor Gail. With all the suspicion falling on her, can she even properly mourn Joe’s death?

“It’s her worst nightmare. Being suspected of murdering her husband is devastating. This is the third husband who’s died on her. After all that terrible business with Richard Hillman she thought she’d found happiness. Now the police are circling her like vultures and she knows she’s in big trouble.”

It gets worse when Tina starts to doubt her, too. Does she really believe Gail is capable of murder?

“Perhaps in normal circumstances she wouldn’t, but Tina’s very vulnerable. Emotions are running high and Tina wants an explanation as to why her dad’s dead. She wants someone to blame.”

The police find witnesses who saw Gail on the boat with Joe the night he died and come to question Gail further while Tina’s there. What happens?

“It’s the moment when Tina realises Gail’s lied about exactly what happened that night and thinks she murdered her dad. Gail knows it sounds deeply suspicious and she’s terrified she’s going to go down for killing Joe.”

More immediately Tina bans her from the funeral. That must be heartbreaking.

“Gail pleads with Tina to change her mind and let her go to the funeral. She loved Joe and can’t bear the thought of people thinking she could have murdered him.”

Does Tina relent?

“She does, but the funeral is harrowing. Tina can’t face it, but walks in as Gail is eulogising Joe’s life and accuses her of being a liar who covered up her dad’s death. Then she marches out, calls the police and tells them Gail’s been lying as Gail’s sobbing over Joe’s coffin.”

Do the police act on Tina’s call?

“They walk in while Gail’s at Joe’s wake in The Rovers and arrest her. David and Nick are furious and she’s shell-shocked. She’s taken to the police station, questioned and charged with murder. Gail’s terrified.”

How does she feel at the prospect of being locked up in prison?

“Gail’s used to being surrounded by friends and family. Prison would be awful for her. Plus she’d be really worried about what David might get up to if she’s not around because he’s 100 per cent behind her.”

If Gail does go to jail can you imagine a campaign like the ‘Free Deirdre’ fight that gripped the nation back in 1998?

“It would be lovely if the public got involved to that extent for Gail…”