REVEALED! Coronation Street’s biggest autumn storylines

Here are seven hot Coronation Street plots that will see fans through those long, chilly nights…

With the weather feeling more like November than August, it seems summer’s on its way out, and autumn is just around the corner. But don’t get too disheartened because with the drama on Coronation Street about to crank up, you’ll only be too happy to stay inside.

Here, we reveal seven sensational storylines set to have soap fans glued to the box…

1. Michelle Connor’s ex Will steps up his campaign of terror

Poor ‘Shell has recently faced a series of frightening ordeals, and the bad news is that her stalker will step up his campaign of terror. All the while, she and Robert think Rich is to blame, when in fact the culprit is Will.

Actress Kym Marsh told us: “Will feels spurned by Michelle and wants to hurt her in revenge for her hurting him. When they had their near-affair last year, the reason she gave for not being with him was that she loved Steve. So the fact that she has since left Steve, but still hasn’t chosen Will really angers him.

“Obviously, because Michelle and Robert are so convinced that Rich is to blame for everything, he’s able to carry on what he’s doing. I think viewers might be shouting at their TV screens, willing Michelle to see what’s under her nose!”

Wiley Will plays the concerned friend to Michelle, and offers to help Robert with a redesign for the Bistro. Behind the scenes, though, he’s causing more mayhem.

Added Kym: “There’s another incident at the Bistro which leaves Michelle terrified.”

Robert finally gets to a point, though, where he believes Rich is telling the truth, and that someone else is waging a war on them. And, to keep Michelle safe, he suggests they fake a split. As ‘single’ Michelle feigns heartbreak, could a delighted Will expose himself as the guilty party?

David, Shona, Lara, Bethany, Nathan

2. Shona and David finally get together!

David may have gone ballistic when Shona returned to the cobbles last month, but he soon calmed down, and it’s pretty obvious why. As much as he wants to despise the mother of Kylie’s killer, the truth is that he fancies the pants off her.

As we move into autumn, the crimper will finally give into his feelings and embark on a relationship with the brunette. But don’t go celebrating just yet. Not only does Gail disapprove of her son’s girlfriend (what’s new?), but the thorny issue of Clayton continues to cast a shadow over the pair. David hates the murderous teen – but Shona loves him. And, as her maternal pull remains as strong as ever, she finds herself keeping a big secret from her new boyfriend…

“David’s going to have to come to terms with the fact that she is Clayton’s mum and that’s not going to change,” said actor Jack P Shepherd. But can he? And how will he react when he discovers what Shona has done?

coronation street, eva price

3. Eva Price pushes ahead with her plot to destroy Aidan

Eva’s off to France soon for a month, but’s it’s a case of ‘Au Revoir’ rather than goodbye, because she’ll be back on the cobbles in the autumn, full of va va voom for her plan to destroy cheating Aidan.

While her trip across the Channel is a chance for the stressed-out blonde to have a break from lying about her ‘pregnancy’, she doesn’t rest on her laurels, and uses the opportunity to give Aidan’s credit card a battering. “She comes back laden with shopping bags,” reveals our Corrie insider.

Eva’s still dead set on marrying the Underworld businessman, and following her return, she throws herself into arranging her hen night. But as the vengeful blonde parties the night away, is her plot about to be exposed? A certain street resident has clocked the intimacy between her and Adam, and twigged that she’s playing games.

As Eva braces herself to say “I do”, could she be faced with Aidan saying “I don’t”?

4. Nasty Nathan and Neil on trial

Thanks to some canny work from Craig, evil duo Nathan and Neil have been charged with child grooming offences, and later this year, they’ll stand trial.

“In the build-up, there’s still a desperation to get enough evidence against them, and to find people who were caught up in their paedophile ring,” revealed our Corrie mole. “There’s some real twists along the way, which Craig is involved in.”

Will the pair go down for abusing Bethany? Actors Chris Harper and Ben Cartwright have both given strong hints that justice will be served.

Said Chris, who plays Nathan: “What we really want is to tell this story right, and I think it’s really important that Nathan doesn’t get away with it.”

Added Ben, who plays Neil: “I don’t think Coronation Street have any other option than to show that these guys get their comeuppance.”

Whatever the outcome, Bethany’s ordeal isn’t over. “She has changed, and it wouldn’t be realistic if she didn’t,” said Lucy Fallon, who plays her. “Something like this would stay with someone forever.”

Phelan, Nicola

5. Pat Phelan has a secret…

Remember when Pat Phelan had a black eye? He told Eileen he’d walked into a kitchen shelf – but said to Nicola that he’d broken up a fight at a bus stop. Fishy…

Well, we’ll soon find out the reason for Phelan’s shiner – and it’s got nothing to do with bus stops or building materials. Could the shady Scouser be embroiled in fresh murkiness? Given that he’ll soon be seen sporting another injury, it looks that way.

Meanwhile, daughter Nicola knows nothing of her father’s dodgy side, and is thrilled when he agrees to help her and her boyfriend, Scott (a copper – eek!) convert an old building into a youth centre. But when Yasmeen gives her chapter and verse on Phelan’s property scam, will Nicola want anything more to do with him?

faye brookes

6. Kate Connor gets a new lover

Actress Faye Brooks revealed earlier in the summer that Kate would get a new love interest – and in a few week’s time, the Bistro waitress will get lucky on a night out with a woman called Imogen.

But don’t be fooled by ‘Kimogen.’ The love interest Faye’s referring to is much closer to home. We’re not at liberty to reveal the mystery woman’s identity, but we can say that she is around a similar age, and currently in a relationship.

Could Leanne Battersby be tempted to switch sides? Anyone’s a better bet than Steve McDonald. Other suspects in the love line-up include Jenny, Rana, Alya, Toyah and Eva – who, like Leanne, has good reason to give up on men.

“I don’t think fans will guess who it is,” teaseed Faye. One thing’s for sure, she’s got to be better than crackpot Caz…

7. Mary’s son Jude comes to Weatherfield – and learns the truth about his father…

Mary would normally be jumping for joy at the prospect of spending time with her long lost son, Jude. But when the marine biologist flies over from South Africa with his family for her nuptials to Norris, she’s on pins. She hates that she has duped him into thinking she has found love – when, in fact, it’s merely a sham wedding for the purposes of a competition.

But soon, Mary has an even bigger secret to deal with – and it’s the one regarding Jude’s father. As she confides in Jude’s wife that the man was a family friend, who raped her, neither realise that Jude is in earshot. How will he react to Mary’s bombshell?

And the best of the rest of the storylines:

  • Toyah meets up with a potential surrogate. But will the woman want to help when she learns that Peter is an alcoholic?
  • Anna discovers Seb is living in squalor. Having previously had no time for the tearaway teen, will she come to his aid?
  • Chesney goes awol after a panic attack, leaving youngsters Hope and Ruby alone and in danger. Will all be found OK?
  • Gary accepts more dangerous work in the Ukraine when son Jake needs speech therapy classes. But at what cost?
  • Sally sets her sights on becoming Mayor of Weatherfield. Will she land the top job? And if so, will the power go to her head?

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