Corrie’s Bethany Platt to be ‘caught in sex ring’ in shocking new storyline

A source has revealed that a 'sinister' storyline is about unravel for Bethany Platt after she gets caught up in a 'sex ring'.

Coronation Street will introduce a controversial storyline that involves schoolgirl Bethany Platt being caught up in a “sex ring”, according to The Sun on Sunday.

The plot will see 16-year-old Bethany – played by Lucy Fallon, 21 – fall for an older man called Nathan, a new addition to the show.

However, there will be more to him than is initially thought as he has a disturbing ulterior motive.

According to a source, Corrie bosses were keen to run the storyline in order to raise awareness to younger viewers, as Bethany is a popular character with young female audiences.

The show insider told The Sun on Sunday: “This storyline was not undertaken lightly, it was the subject of major discussions among the show’s writers and bosses.

“But in the end they agreed that, while controversial, it was very important.

“We know Bethany’s popular with girl viewers and hope to make them aware of the risks of this situation. The really sinister element is that, while viewers will be aware Bethany’s boyfriend is bad news, she’ll have no idea. Hopefully that will resonate.”

According to the source, fans will be able to see it all unfold at the start of next year after Bethany is groomed by the man.

Writers on the show are said to be working “closely with relevant child protection charities” to make sure the plot is as realistic as possible.

16-year-old Bethany Platt was reintroduced to Corrie in 2015 with her mother Sarah-Louise (Tina O’Brien), who shocked audiences with her teenage pregnancy in 2000.

Since then Bethany’s role has been played by three different actresses, with Lucy Fallon joining the cast in 2015.

In a recent interview with Soaplife, Lucy revealed how her character is in for a miserable Christmas after flirting with her mother’s boyfriend Gary and overdosing on diet pills.

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