Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn says it was an ‘easy decision’ to kill off Hayley after the actress who plays her revealed she wanted to leave.

Stuart tells TV Times that he wanted Julie Hesmondhalgh to stay as Hayley, but once he knew her mind was made up the upcoming death of the character was the only option.

“I would have done anything to persuade Julie to stay, but I appreciate that her mind was made up, which made killing off Hayley the easiest decision I’ve made. There was no other way,” he says.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street viewers will see transgender Hayley being stood up by her son, Christian, next week before he then makes a surprise visit to her house.

Julie explains: “Hayley would like a reconciliation and to know that he now accepts her for who she is, but she doesn’t want him to do that just because he thinks she’s dying.”