Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn said the soap’s imminent move from Salford to its new home at Media City in Manchester’s Trafford suburb has been a painful experience.

Stuart told What’s on TV: “[The move has] been a long time in the planning and there have been tears, there have been tantrums, just because everyone’s so passionate about it. But it’s here… and it’s better than ever!”

Stuart said the move to the much more modern set would provide more scope for outdoor filming, but not at the expense of Coronation Street’s characteristic kitchen sink intimacy. “One of the guiding principles all the way has been, if we’d designed this 53 years ago [when Corrie premiered] knowing what we know now about the TV industry and how we film things, how would we want it? So that’s what we’ve tried to do without the audience noticing any difference.”

Stuart continued: “Yeah it’s been painful because everyone’s so passionate about it, everyone’s so determined to get it right. Of course there’s going to be fallings out, and sometimes it’s only about a millimetre, tiny little things… But actually everyone, the brickies, the electricians who have nothing to do with the show, are so proud to be working here, you can see them going that extra mile.”

Coronation Street is expected to start filming in its new home in the next fortnight.

Watch the interview with Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn: