Coronation Street boss Stuart Blackburn has confirmed the return of 1980s wild child Jenny Bradley to the Street – and she’s unlikely to be a reformed character.

Jenny was the daughter of the deranged Alan Bradley, Rita’s abusive partner, who met his end beneath the wheels of a tram in Blackpool. Jenny blamed Rita for his death.

Stuart told What’s on TV: “Rita’s not going to be very pleased. The last time Jenny was here I think it was either one or two grand and Rita paid her off, ‘Just go. If you want my money just go.’ She really let Rita down badly.

“But she’s back and she’s back with a chance of romance. I’m not going to say with who, but word on the Street with Jenny is she’s a wrong’un, so it’s whether she can kind of front that out and whether she has actually changed.”

Sally Ann Matthews will return to the role of Jenny when she reappears in Corrie in February.

Watch the interview with Stuart Blackburn, above.