Corrie criticised for playing down Olympics

Coronation Street producers have been criticised after revealing that the Olympics will barely be mentioned in the soap while it is taking place in London.

According to The Sun show bosses have ruled that the Games will not play a major part in storylines aired around that time – while by contrast EastEnders will feature a sequence in which Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) parades the Olympic torch through Walford.

And while residents of Walford will discuss the event at length, Corrie regulars will only mention it occasionally.

“Any reference to the Olympics will be in passing and relevant to how it affects our residents,” a source told the paper, “so it’s not overt or heavy at all.”

“It’s different for EastEnders as it’s on their doorstep.”

However another insider branded show bosses “miseries” for virtually ignoring the historic event.

“It’s bad form because the Olympics is a national celebration, not just a reason for the East End of London to be happy,” the source said.

“Millions of fans love Corrie for its sense of humour, but the execs are being a load of miseries over the Olympics by refusing to join in.”

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