Corrie interview: Casey will stop at nothing

Casey wants Claire’s life and she’s crazy enough to kill for it, says new Coronation Street actress Zoe Henry.

Casey gatecrashes Freddie’s birthday bash and makes out it’s a truce but is her real motive more sinister?

“Claire and Casey are similar women but Casey’s life is in bits and Claire’s got it all – or so Casey thinks. She looks at Ashley and the boys and thinks “That’s my life.” She wants to take Claire’s place.”

Claire still suspects that Casey started the fire which almost killed her so why are they soon best buddies again?

“Casey is a brilliant manipulator. She knows which buttons to press with both Ashley and Claire. She plays the wounded soldier so well Claire eventually apologises for accusing her.”

But did Casey start that fire?

“It looks that way but there is still an element of doubt. She’s certainly capable of doing something like that.”

Claire invites Casey in and confides that she feels Ashley doesn’t understand her and thinks she’s mad. Does Casey have a game plan?

“That’s a gem of an opportunity for Casey. She does have a game plan but it’s not concrete and happy accidents like this help her along. Claire decides to go and stay at her mum’s and although she makes the decision herself, Casey helps her along.”

With Claire out of the way will Casey start work on Ashley?

“Poor Ashley is powerless to resist her. Casey cleverly exploits his loneliness. She offers a shoulder to cry on and tries to fill the gap that Claire has left. It’s not that he fancies Casey more than his wife, but she’s worked him so well. The atmosphere has flashes of a new romance… it will be uncomfortable to watch.”

How far will Casey go to get what she wants?

“As far as she has to! I think she is quite capable of killing Claire – and Ashley if he gets in her way. She lost a baby late in pregnancy and her boyfriend left her. It’s not as simple as depression – I think she’s actually gone crazy.”

Has your husband Jeff Hordley (who played Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle) give you any tips?

“He gave me lots of baddie tips and taught me how to lurk in dark corners. Can’t get much badder than Cain… can you?!”

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