Corrie love thief Les Dennis: ‘Michael starts off bad, but we’ll see he’s good at heart’

Coronation Street’s Les Dennis reveals to Soaplife that burglar Michael is back in Weatherfield – and plans to steal Gail’s heart.

Petty crook Michael has been corresponding with Gail, the woman he burgled. So when he’s released from prison and finds a job in a garden centre, he writes to tell her about it – and the reply he receives sets his heart all a-flutter. “The letter says Gail believes she and Michael have a future together,” reveals Les. “And an over-the-moon Michael thinks so, too, as there was definitely a spark between them when she visited him in jail.”

So Michael visits Gail to tell her he feels the same – but he’s in for a letdown!

Is Michael a changed man?
“He was never a career burglar. He lost everything – family, home, business – when the recession hit and found himself burgling because he was desperate. Michael assumed Gail would be insured when he broke into her house and wasn’t intending to hurt anybody.”

What happens when he turns up on her doorstep?
“David answers the door and Michael tells him he’s an old school friend of Gail’s. She’s clearly shocked when she sees Michael in her house again. Michael tells Gail he thought there was a spark between them and he’s delighted she feels the same about their future together.”

How does Gail react?
“She asks to see the letter he’s referring to and tells him she didn’t write it. Michael’s gutted – not least because he’s made a right fool of himself!”

We know Kylie wrote the love note,  but how does Michael find out?
“Well, when he turns to look at David, the cogs start turning. Michael leaves but his embarrassment is far from over. He goes back to work and a while later Kylie, Max and David pitch up. They’ve got it in for him, big time.”

What do they do?
“Shout to people to watch out for him, watch their wallets and not trust him. They humiliate him completely. He can understand to a certain extent why Gail’s family feel she shouldn’t trust him, but there comes a point where Michael feels he’s had enough punishment from them and you see him standing up to them. But he’s worried about getting Gail in trouble – so he decides to back off. Not for long, though.”

How can Michael date Gail with her family so against him?
“He’s prepared to overcome any obstacles. Nick and David pull every trick out of the bag to keep him away and Michael tries to cope with it. Gail fights against the family, too – that’s really hard for her. But I would like to think that, for the first time, Gail has a good man. He starts off bad, but we’re going to see he’s a good man at heart.”

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