Corrie’s Shayne Ward: ‘Aidan hasn’t forgotten about that night with Maria, but he also loves Eva’

Corrie's Shayne Ward opens up about how Aidan is torn between two women - his live-in girlfriend Eva and cousin-in-law Maria

Aidan Connor can’t deny his feelings for Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) in Corrie, but he’s also committed to girlfriend Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley).

“He’s been acting as Maria’s knight in shining armour over the Caz situation and has grown closer to her. Plus, he hasn’t forgotten about their night together either,” says actor Shayne Ward, who plays him. “But he also loves Eva. He’s really torn.”

When Maria admits she can’t stop thinking about Aidan, he snogs her and suggests they spend the night together at a hotel. Will she go for it when he explains that he has no intention of dumping Eva?

Does Aidan tell Maria he’ll finish with Eva to be with her?
“No, he makes it clear that he intends to stay with Eva. He genuinely loves her and doesn’t want to break her heart. The situation’s made even more complicated because Eva and Maria have become friends.”

So Aidan wants to have his cake and eat it?
It looks that way, but it’s not that simple. There’s no denying what Aidan’s doing is wrong. He can’t justify it and he’s very confused.”

What does Maria say when he says he’s not going to finish with Eva?
She basically tells him where to get off. She tries to forget about him by hooking up with Adam Barlow.”

Does Aidan get jealous when Maria flirts with Adam?
“He’s very jealous. He’s like, ‘Clear off you handsome bugger with the good hair! Don’t be coming onto my territory and throwing your weight around!’ It’s a bit of a wake-up call for Aidan.”

He has issues with Adam regardless of Maria, doesn’t he?
“Adam is Mike Baldwin’s son so they’re at loggerheads over the factory, which originally was a Baldwin enterprise. Aidan’s also spotted Adam flirting with Eva so it seems like Adam’s completely muscling in on his patch.”

Does it end up in fisticuffs!
“There’s a punch-up in the pub later on. Adam says something about Maria that Aidan takes offence at.”

Who should Aidan choose?
“That’s a tricky one. He has feelings for Maria and Eva, but he feels he can have a proper, in-depth conversation with Maria whereas he can’t with Eva. He finds that frustrating at times. But if Eva finds out about his fling with Maria, he could end up on his own.”

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