Corrie newbie Jake falls for Michelle – literally!

Coronation Street’sKenny Doughty reveals how Street newcomer Jake gets his girl!

So what’s all this about Jake falling into Michelle’s lap?

“He falls off her roof! Really. He’s up there doing some work when he falls off his ladder and he’s left dangling outside Michelle’s window. She pulls him in.”

Quite an entrance. But we hear Michelle makes a big impression on Jake too…

“She’s wearing a towel which falls to the floor and he’s instantly smitten. He tells her he’s in shock and she gets him a drink. Then as he leaves he steals a kiss – on the lips.”

How does Michelle react?

“She’s furious. The next day when he appears back on her roof she calls the police.”

Does that put him off?

“Not a bit. Because Michelle was only in a towel when they met he walks into The Rovers wearing one!”

Do you look good in a towel?

“That’s not for me to say. But it was terrifying being in a show as big as Corrie half-naked. I went to the gym beforehand to sort myself out.”

Does Jake’s stunt do the trick?

“He tells Michelle he’ll drop the towel unless she goes on a date with him. It works and they get on really well.”

Is it the start of a hot romance?

“I don’t know. Jake goes after six episodes. He gets a job in Scotland.”

Are you coming back?

“It’s up in the air, but I’d like to.”

What other TV have you done?

“I’ve been in Shameless, dinnerladies, New Tricks and a new show called Paradox.”

Would Jake be good for Michelle?

“Definitely. He’s a solid man and he’s handy. What more could a woman ask for?”

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