Corrie’s Connor McIntyre: ‘Phelan is completely blindsided by Vinnie! It’s a huge blow to his ego’

Phelan gets a taste of his own medicine in Corrie when he’s scammed by Vinny… and he decides to flee the UK! Or does he? Connor McIntyre hints that he may not

The tables are turned on dirty dealer Pat Phelan in a delicious Corrie twist. Connor McIntyre gives Soaplife all the details…

So, conman Phelan discovers he’s been conned?
“Phelan discovers Vinny’s reneged on their arrangement and left for the airport without him. Initially, he thinks, ‘Did I get the times wrong? Was I supposed to meet him at the airport?’ But then he rings Vinny’s phone and the line’s dead. That’s when the penny starts to drop. Phelan checks the bank accounts and he discovers they’re empty.

“Phelan’s completely blind-sided – he trusted Vinny [Ian Kelsey]. Money aside, that’s probably the thing that hits him hard. Phelan and Vinny are old friends, they’ve run scams before and Vinny is somebody that Phelan’s had to manage in terms of what he was going to do to Todd [Bruno Langley]. But now it seems Vinny has actually been managing Phelan and that’s a huge blow to Phelan’s ego.”

Is Phelan finally beaten?
“I wouldn’t say that. In fact, he’s more dangerous and ruthless because Vinny’s conned him. It’s hardened Phelan’s resolve and he’s even more convinced he’s the only one that matters. No one will ever get the better of him again.”

Does he feel at all guilty?
“Phelan has feelings for Eileen [Sue Cleaver] and he’s become fond of Todd in a way. But he has no compassion. The world revolves around Pat Phelan and everything else is secondary – even more so now.”

What will he do?
“Well, it’s all about one more roll of the dice. He goes to the airport and then starts thinking. Phelan’s ego is so big the choice is, ‘Do I go without a penny in my pocket and just escape? Or is there another chance to pull the wool over people’s eyes?’ He has nothing to lose either way.”

If he goes, will he be sad at having to leave Eileen behind?
“Yes. Phelan’s psychopathic, but he’s still developed feelings for Eileen. He’s not oblivious to the fact she has all these hopes for her son Jason’s money and the business, but that’s just collateral damage to him.”

How confident was Phelan that he’d get away with this?
“Totally confident. It’s always been a power thing with Phelan. It’s about the thrill and the adrenaline as well as the money.”

Coronation Street, ITV