Corrie’s Alison on Carla’s wedding nerves!

Coronation Street’s Alison King tells Soaplife that Carla senses that Peter doesn’t share her excitement about their wedding…but she hasn’t worked out – yet – that Tina has turned his head!

How excited is Carla in the run-up to her wedding?
“Carla just can’t wait to get Peter up the aisle and get that ring on her finger – she feels once that’s done, she can breathe again. She’s starting to feel concerned for Peter’s state of mind and she fears that her worries and stresses with the factory and Hayley are taking their toll on him.”

She even tells Michelle she fears Peter’s having second thoughts…
“Peter’s snapping at Carla and seems miles away whenever she tries to talk to him about the wedding. She’s conscious she proposed to him and now she’s doing all the organising, too. Michelle reassures her that it’ll just be the stress of it all and that Peter loves her.”

Peter is very worried about Simon being bullied… does Carla not take this on board?
“Only when he tells her he’s more worried about Simon than he is about marrying her. That really cuts deep. At the same time, though, Carla’s also frustrated because she’s got a million things to do and can’t run the factory and organise their wedding without his help. But Peter’s even disinterested when Steve offers to organise a stag do and that really worries Carla…”

Does she have any suspicions that Tina could be the cause of his moods?
“To Carla, Tina’s like a Fairy Godmother who is solving all her problems by looking after Simon. Carla’s all praise for Tina, she just doesn’t clock that Peter’s praise is for different reasons.”

It can’t help that Carla asks Rob to give her away…
“Rob’s her brother and she finds it hard to hold a grudge. When he apologises for stealing from her, she finds herself softening. But when she tells Peter he really loses it and tells Carla he might not bother turning up to their wedding. He later apologises for his outburst but he’s still not at all happy.”

Then Carla finds Tina at the flat with Peter on the eve of their wedding…
“She’s still not suspicious, though. Carla really trusts Tina and sees a lot of her younger self in her.”

What would Carla do if she knew the truth?
“Well, Tina wouldn’t be invited to the wedding – I know that much!”

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