Corrie’s Ben: ‘Doctors are certain Nick will die!’

Coronation Street’s Ben Price warns Soaplife that Nick won’t forgive David for nearly killing him… if he survives!

Nick’s expecting a showdown when he discovers David knows he could be the father of Kylie’s baby, but never in his worst nightmares can he ever have imagined what happens. “Nick and David are running an errand in the van when Nick confesses to sleeping with Kylie, but David’s reaction takes his breath away,” Ben tells Soaplife. Literally. David suddenly grabs the steering wheel and they career into the path of a lorry…

First things first, how does Nick find out David knows he slept with Kylie?
“He sees David talking to Tina and it’s very heated. Nick has a word with Tina and what she tells him confirms his suspicions – David knows Kylie’s baby could be Nick’s and is behind the vendetta.”

How does Nick react?
“He panics, but he’s also annoyed. He thinks what he did was bad, but he’s not going to let David ruin his life.”

So they’re out driving when Nick brings up the subject…
“He admits what he did and apologises, but David annoys him by not admitting to being behind the vendetta. Nick wants to go home and sort things out but David doesn’t.”
Why not?
“He doesn’t want to have it out with Kylie and risk losing her. He suddenly grabs the wheel while Nick’s driving and they swerve into the path of a lorry…”

Is David trying to kill Nick?
“I think it’s a spur of the moment thing, but if Nick recovers from his injuries he’ll blame David.”

Is Nick that badly hurt then?
“He’s in a coma and has a serious brain injury. Doctors are pretty certain he’s going to die or, if he lives, it will be with huge complications. I think whatever happens Nick will never be the same – mentally, emotionally or physically.”

What does that mean for David?
“I think there’ll be an obsession to try and ruin David’s life like he’s ruined his. The brain injury doctor I spoke to about this storyline said Nick could develop an obsessional side to him and that obsession would be to hit David back where it hurts.”

What about Leanne?
“I can’t see her sticking with Nick if it all comes out about him sleeping with Kylie and maybe being her baby’s father. I think she would tell him where to go, no matter how badly he’s hurt.”

And your shaved head shows he’s pretty badly hurt…
“I didn’t mind having my head shaved. It means it’s easier for the audience to accept Nick’s injuries…”