Corrie’s Brooke Vincent: ‘Maddie’s got the upper hand with Sophie!’

Coronation Street’s Brooke Vincent reveals to Soaplife that Sophie’s losing her heart again… to the girl who stole from her!

Sophie Webster got a shock when homeless girl Maddie gave her a kiss. Not a bad one, though. In fact it was something Sophie had been hoping might happen. “So she meets Maddie in the park to talk about it, but Sally, turns up, and Maddie runs off,” says Brooke.

Sophie and Sally follow Maddie and what she discovers makes her feelings for the girl even stronger. . .

Where does Sophie follow Maddie to?
“A flat. Sally’s with Sophie and they knock on the door. Maddie’s mum answers and it’s clear the woman is quite unstable. They also find out Maddie has a little brother in foster care. Maddie’s usually feisty and hard-faced to Sophie, but in front of her mum she’s quiet, loving and soft. It’s a real eye-opener.”

Is this when Sophie tells Maddie how she feels?
“Not really. She just wants to help her. The fact Maddie’s so troubled makes Sophie want to become even more involved.”

That’s not what Sally wants! Will she cause problems?
“Sally disapproves of everything, but Sophie’s at that stage in life where she’s not that bothered what Sally thinks any more. If Sophie decides to do something, she’ll do it.”

In a complete about-face, Sophie actually confides in Tim… Is she starting to like him?
“I think Tim is starting to understand Sophie now. The fact Sophie’s a lesbian has never been mentioned and she doesn’t feel Tim’s judging her. Tim tells her he thinks she likes Maddie more than she’s letting on.”

Is Sophie in love with Maddie?
“I wouldn’t go that far, but she has very strong feelings for her and thinks about her all the time.”

Maddie has a lot of baggage. Can Sophie handle it?
“Definitely. That doesn’t scare Sophie – she likes the challenge.”

Could Maddie lead Sophie astray?
“Possibly… but Sophie is very grounded, with strong morals, so hopefully she’ll be able to resist that side of Maddie.”

Maddie’s not like Sophie’s previous girlfriends, is she?
“She’s completely different, but maybe that’s what Sophie needs. With Maddie it’s like she has the upper hand. We’ve seen Sophie call Maddie’s bluff, we’ve seen her get aggressive when Maddie stole the watch. It’s good to see that side of Sophie because she’s usually so saintly.”