Corrie’s Bruno Langley: ‘This could be the final straw for Todd…’

Todd Grimshaw turns on his mum, Eileen, sabotaging her love life, Coronation Street’s Bruno Langley tells Soaplife…

What’s Todd playing at?
“Initially, he’s amused that his mum’s joined an online dating site, but soon sees it as something he can use to his advantage… Todd still wants revenge on Eileen [Sue Cleaver] because he blames her for what happened when he was attacked.”

So he wants to ruin Eileen’s love life like he did Jason’s?
“Absolutely. He’s a very unhappy man and doesn’t like seeing others happy as that just makes him even more aware of how unhappy he is. He wants to hurt his family as much as he thinks they’ve hurt him. He’s conveniently forgotten that Jason [Ryan Thomas] and Eileen didn’t turn up for the meal on the night he was attacked because of what he’d done to them previously.”

How does Todd’s poisonous plan of action take shape?
“To begin with, he winds Eileen up before she goes on her first internet date with a guy called Adrian, who is genuine by the way. But then Todd starts flattering her and telling her there are loads of men out there who’d be interested in her. He’s biding his time.”

What’s his next step?
“He’ll tell Eileen to play the field a bit and then show her an attractive alternative bloke, by setting up a fake profile on the dating site for a wealthy bloke with a lifestyle a world away from Eileen’s. You’ll see Todd being pleased and highly amused at the outcome, and how much his mum is deceived.”

He’s so horrible!
“I know. By hurting his mum like this he’s definitely going too far. It’s not the worst thing he could do, but I’m sure the public will think it’s terrible and I do, too. Eileen deserves happiness and he’s trying to take that away. This could be the final straw for Todd where his family are concerned.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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