Corrie’s Catherine Tyldesley: ‘Todd drips poison in Jason’s ear about Eva and Tony!’

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesely tells Soaplife that Eva’s dangerously determined to buy a place with boyfriend Jason…

There’s no doubt in Eva Price’s mind that Jason Grimshaw is most definitely ‘the one’. So when Jason’s mum Eileen moans about the lack of space at No 11, it makes perfect sense to Eva that she and Jason to get themselves on the property ladder.

“Eva is really nervous about putting the idea to Jason but when she plucks up the courage over a homemade dinner – the true way to Jason’s heart – and he tells her he’d love them to get a place together, Eva’s ecstatic,” Catherine tells Soaplife.

So will they stay in Weatherfield?
“Oh, yes. Ideally they’ll stay close to Coronation Street so they can be near family and work.”

But then Jason (Ryan Thomas) gives Eva some bad news…
“He looks over his accounts and says they can’t afford it at the moment. Eva’s gutted, but she’s a positive person and will think of another way of getting a deposit.”

Such as?
“Tony [Terence Maynard] – Jason’s dad. He is loaded, Eva gets on very well with him and, while I doubt she’d come straight out and ask Tony to help them financially, if he offered she certainly wouldn’t refuse.”

Jason might!
“Absolutely. Jason’s pride would be dented. He’s very much an alpha male, like his dad, so anyone else offering to help him and his girlfriend would rub salt into his wounds.”

Would Eva go behind Jason’s back?
“I think she might. She’ll hope that once she and Tony have found somewhere, Jason will be so blown away by the prospect of living there he’ll forgive Eva for being a bit devious.”

It won’t be that simple, though, will it?
“Of course not! Eva confides in Todd [Bruno Langley] – she knows what he’s like, but regards him as a friend. But Todd, the little sod, is feeling hard done by. He’s jealous of Jason and Tony’s relationship so he sets out to hurt Jason by dripping poison in his ear regarding a non-existent affair between Eva and Tony!”

“Yes! And if Eva ever gets to the bottom of things, then Todd will be in a lot of trouble…”

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