Coronation Street’s Charlie Condou reveals to Soaplife that Marcus is struggling to play it straight with Maria since he slept with Todd…

How does Marcus feel about Todd now?

“He was attracted to him, but any feelings disappeared as soon as the deed was done. Marcus felt so guilty that he put all thoughts of Todd out of his mind. He wants to forget it ever happened.”

Does he still love Maria?

“Very much, but he’s questioning what kind of a person he really is. He’s never been the type to cheat and so he’s confused by it all.”

What happens when Eileen confronts Marcus?

“She tricks him into revealing that he slept with Todd. He’s then terrified that Maria will find out. Marcus wants to get on with his life with Maria and Liam and the more people that know about him and Todd, the less likely it is that will happen.”

Then Todd starts getting nasty. . .

“Yes. He tells Marcus that he’s living a lie with Maria and that he should face the truth. Marcus is really angry and makes it very clear that he’s not interested in Todd and doesn’t want a repeat performance.”

Todd does!

“Absolutely. Todd is genuinely attracted to Marcus – it’s not just game-playing. He was originally setting out to prove a point, but now Todd sees potential for them as a couple…”