Corrie’s Charlie Condou: ‘Todd could finish Marcus and Maria’

Coronation Street’s Charlie Condou reveals to Soaplife that Marcus finds it hard to resist when Todd comes on strong. . .

Does Marcus fancy Todd?
“Todd’s good-looking and very flirtatious. Marcus can’t help but be attracted to him…”

Especially when Todd strips to the waist in the Bistro at his birthday dinner!
“Todd strips off to try on the shirt Sean has given him for his birthday and Marcus can’t help but be turned on. But he’s also upset because he’s starting to have feelings for someone else as well as Maria.”

What does Todd say to him?
“Todd tells Marcus he stripped for his benefit and asks if he liked what he saw. He really comes onto Marcus and then Todd leans in for a kiss…”

Do they kiss?
“Eileen interrupts them! If she hadn’t, I don’t know what would have happened. Lust has taken over and Marcus is not thinking of Maria.”

What does Eileen say?
“She’s furious, although Todd does confess it was him coming on to Marcus, not the other way round.”

Is Marcus worried Eileen – or Todd – will say something to Maria?
“Very. He gets concerned Eileen will spill the beans and ruin it all. Todd apologises, but is still a bit flirty. Marcus kids himself he can be mates with Todd, but deep down he knows his feelings for him are growing.”

What about Maria?
“Marcus is more determined than ever to make that work, but the seed’s been planted. If there really was nothing to the near-kiss with Todd, he’d tell Maria. But he doesn’t.”

Could Todd finish Marcus and Maria?