Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne reveals to Soaplife that Peter and Tina finally get up close and personal during Christmas…

If Peter’s so into Tina, why did he marry Carla?

“He always really intended to marry Carla and since then he’s been trying not to start up anything with Tina. He tells Tina they should keep their distance, but it’s impossible and they end up kissing. Carla almost catches them.”

Is it true Peter ends up having a go at Rob?

“Yes. Rob mocks him for fancying the babysitter. Rob doesn’t know Peter really does fancy Tina, he’s just winding Peter up because he’s created such a fuss about Rob kissing her. Tina storms round to Peter’s to find out what he’s playing at.”

And in her anger she rips off his clothes…

“Yeah – they can’t contain themselves and get completely carried away!”

But they get interrupted, don’t they?

“Peter hears someone coming up to the flat and thinks it’s Carla. It turns out to be Roy, who’s left a bag in there. Thinking on his feet, Peter bundles Roy out while Tina hides in the bedroom.”

Is Tina OK with that?

“No. It really shakes her up. Peter is much calmer. He has more experience and he’s no stranger to being unfaithful!”

Does Peter need constant thrills?

“Peter repeats the same patterns and mistakes over and over again. It’s almost as if he can’t handle things going well for him. He’s got an addictive personality, and can’t resist temptation. What he really wants is to have his cake and eat it – although it’ll be a catastrophe if Carla finds out.”