Corrie’s Debbie Rush: ‘If Faye’s capable of this, what else could she do?’

Coronation Street’s Debbie Rush tells Soaplife how Anna gets the shock of her life when she sees a video nasty of Faye bullying Simon… And there’s worse to come!

How does Anna feel about Faye’s bullying?
“Absolutely devastated. Before Anna sees the video, Leanne accuses Faye of bullying Simon, but Anna doesn’t believe it, just like she didn’t believe Faye was throwing stones at Mary’s motor home. But having seen the evidence Anna panics.”

“If Faye’s capable of this, what else might she be capable of?”

Does Anna blame herself for Faye’s behaviour?
“She feels guilty because she’s been so preoccupied with Roy and Hayley, and has taken her eye off the ball where Faye’s concerned.”

And hasn’t seen that Grace is the real wrong’un…
“Anna was bowled over by Grace’s perfect manners and was just delighted Faye had made a best friend.”

Some friend! Faye’s now in trouble with the police!
“And she’s terrified. She’s done everything she’s done just so Grace would be her friend. Faye doesn’t want to be ostracised and doesn’t want to drop her mate in it. She’s also terrified of what Grace might do. It’s only when Anna tells her how serious things are that Faye realises she must tell the truth.”

What happens to Grace?

“Anna tries to talk to her mum, but the woman’s not interested. Also, Grace made sure that you only saw Faye on the video.” 

But Peter and Leanne do agree to drop the charges, don’t they?

“Anna begs them and Faye apologises. They also realise Faye is just a little girl who’s been punished enough.”

Does Anna ever regret adopting Faye?
“Never. It’s not like she’s only had her for a couple of months. As far as Anna’s concerned, Faye is her little girl.”


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