Corrie’s Hayley Tamaddon: Neil wants Andrea back, Lloyd wants him gone!

Coronation Street’s Hayley Tamaddon reveals to Soaplife the shock Andrea gets when estranged husband Neil makes it clear he wants her back.

Andrea and Lloyd felt they’d put the past – including her marriage to Neil – behind them. But then Neil turns up determined to win her back! “Both Andrea and Lloyd are absolutely gutted when Neil strolls into the Rovers. He’s supposed to be working in the Philippines, but it seems he’s decided to stay and work on Andrea instead,” Hayley tells Soaplife.

And Andrea agrees to have a drink alone with him. Why?
“She’s very aware of how things may blow up if she puts Neil and Lloyd together. By speaking to Neil alone, she hopes she’ll make him see sense and understand she’s not messing around.”

Lloyd’s not happy, though…
“He’s forgiven Andrea for deceiving him, but he hasn’t forgotten and he feels insecure. Lloyd was delighted when Neil was supposed to be leaving the country and now he’s very worried Andrea will go back to him. All Andrea can do is reassure Lloyd it won’t happen.”

She can’t convince Neil (William Travis), though, and he starts reminiscing about their marriage. How does she feel?
“Weary. She knows exactly what he’s doing and she’s really annoyed by it. She ends up snapping at him and telling him she hasn’t loved him for years. She doesn’t mean to be cruel. She’s just reached the end of her tether.”

What does Andrea decide to do?
“She can’t really do any more than tell Neil she’s fallen in love with someone else and that their marriage is over. She’s worried about Neil coming between her and Lloyd.”

How does Lloyd (Craig Charles) feel?
“He’s fuming. Lloyd’s terrified he’s going to lose Andrea and, when he sees Andrea comforting Neil in Just Nick’s, he sees red. He turfs Neil out. Andrea isn’t happy as she doesn’t want Lloyd to get involved, but inevitably he wants to protect her. She tells Lloyd to leave Neil to her.”

But he doesn’t, does he?
“No. When Neil starts invading their space and hanging around outside their flat, Lloyd has to get involved. Andrea’s constantly telling him to keep calm. If she knew Lloyd and Steve [Simon Gregson] were planning to play tricks on Neil, she’d be angry.”

Angry enough to dump Lloyd, too?
“Never. Andrea’s completely in love with Lloyd and she wants to be with him. She just wishes they didn’t have huge obstacles in the way. She fell out of love with Neil a long time ago, so there’s no way she’d go back to a lonely, loveless life now she’s found happiness with Lloyd.”

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