Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd: ‘Nick gives David an ultimatum’

Jack P Shepherd warns Soaplife that big brother Nick is on to David and the game’s up for him in Coronation Street – unless he does what Nick tells him…

Nick’s awake and is asking for David… How does David feel as he heads to the hospital?
“He’s desperate to see Nick to weigh up how much he remembers. David’s really edgy and when Nick opens his eyes and sees David, Nick panics. It’s clear to David that he remembers everything he did. Then later, the way Nick grabs his hand, makes David realise he’s being threatened…”

Does David wish he’d killed Nick while he had chance?
“The writers want David to be very remorseful for what he’s done, but I’d have played it a bit differently. I think, right now, part of David does wish Nick had died because Nick could ruin the rest of David’s life if he tells anyone what David did.”

What will David do if that happens? 
“Try to plead his innocence and convince Kylie and Nick of how sorry he is. He’s right on the edge and it could go either way – unbelievably well or unbelievably badly.”

Tina tells him to tell Kylie everything… Will he?
“No. He’d be an absolute idiot to tell her. He knows she wouldn’t forgive him. Their marriage would be over and she’d take the children away from him. Losing Kylie is his worst fear. He doesn’t consider Gail or Audrey in all this. He’s only bothered about himself.”

Nick issues David with an ultimatum… What is it?
“Nick warns that unless David gets a paternity test to discover who baby Lily’s father is, he’ll blab about the crash. David feels sick. All he can think about is that everyone’s going to find out it was him and he’s going to go to jail. He has to shut Nick up somehow.”

What does he do?
“Until the crash, David wanted a paternity test, but once Lily was born, he changed his mind because he had an immediate, natural love for her and now doesn’t want to lose her.”

Does David get the DNA test done?
“He’s frightened about doing it because he doesn’t know if he can accept Lily as his own if she’s not his. He’s angry with Nick for putting him in this position, but he’s got no more cards left to play. He has to do what Nick says…”