Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd reveals to Soaplife why David’s so concerned about the increasingly disruptive boy.

David and Kylie return from their beach break in Barbados more stressed than they were before they left! Turns out it’s been the holiday from hell due to young Max’s bad behaviour. “Max was playing up the whole time they were away and David feels they should get him checked out to try and find out what’s wrong,” Jack tells Soaplife. Problem is, Kylie’s dead against it. . .

Why doesn’t Kylie (Paula Lane) want to take Max to the doctors?

“While David feels there may be a medical reason why Max has become so disruptive, Kylie thinks it’s hereditary, a bad gene passed down from her or Max’s biological dad. She blames herself. But she also fears there’s something seriously wrong with Max – that’s the other reason she doesn’t want him to see a doctor. She’s scared.”

Is David aware that Kylie’s really struggling with Max?

“Yeah, she can’t really handle it. She’s getting more stressed and angry every time Max does something wrong. David’s stressed, too, but he seems to cope better. He’s always telling Kylie she’s a great mum, but she’s always saying she’s terrible.”

She’s very down on herself…

“That’s Kylie. She struggles with everything – and much more than David does. He takes life as it comes and just deals with it, whereas Kylie dwells on things and blames mistakes she’s made in her past. She lets things get to her more than David and this is certainly getting to her.”

Is it putting a strain on David and Kylie’s marriage?

“It is at the minute. All they seem to be doing is arguing about who’s looking after Max and who’s supposed to be watching him. There’s more tension between them when a letter arrives from Max’s school, fining them for taking him on holiday during term time. David’s like ‘I told you so’ to Kylie, but he doesn’t go on too much because she’s already stressed. Kylie’s adamant they’re not paying it, but David just thinks they should so they can move on. Max is going off the rails and that’s their priority.”

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