Jane Danson tells Soaplife that Leanne and Nick’s marriage becomes very bumpy as David’s vicious vendetta picks up pace in Coronation Street

Leanne and Nick return refreshed from their break, but their ‘feel-good’ factor evaporates when Trading Standards investigate watered-down spirits at the Bistro and a really bad review is posted online. “Nick wants the police involved because he’s convinced someone – such as Peter – is attacking his business,” Jane tells Soaplife. Leanne, however, is dead against it. Is David’s evil plan to split the pair beginning to take hold?

Why doesn’t Leanne want the police involved?

“She thinks what’s happening to them is suspicious, but she also thinks Nick’s being paranoid and is jumping to conclusions before he’s thought it all through. Nick thinks it’s Peter, but Leanne knows there’s no reason for it to be – for once! At this stage, she’s not convinced that anyone has it in for them, but later she realises that someone does.”

Does it ever occur to Leanne that David’s their enemy?

“Never. She just feels as though she’s constantly being knocked over and every time she picks herself up something else seems to happen!”

Her marriage is taking a few knocks, too, isn’t it?

“Yes. Nick’s being moody and ‘off’ with Leanne. That’s really out of character because usually he’s quite placid. I don’t think we’ve seen Nick so tense before.”

What if Leanne found out that Nick slept with Kylie?

“That’s tricky. Leanne can be so self-righteous and, regardless of what she did to Nick on Christmas Day, she would still completely condemn Nick for what he did.”