Corrie’s Jane on Leanne’s very shaky marriage!

Jane Danson reveals to Soaplife just how hurt Leanne is in Coronation Street when it becomes clear that Nick doesn’t trust her with Peter… Will she leave him?

This rift in Leanne and Nick’s marriage is caused by David. Were they happy before he started interfering?
“They’ve been bobbing along nicely, getting on well at work and home. The break-in of their flat, staged by David, actually brought them closer rather than causing the rift he’d hoped for.”

Then David starts planting little seeds that suggest Peter is after Leanne again…
“And Nick’s taking notice, which is causing tension between him and Leanne. All his old insecurities resurface.”

Does Leanne still want Peter?
“There’ll always be a ‘What if?’ at the back of her mind, but for now she’s moved on and has been trying to enjoy her life with Nick. There will always be contact with Peter, though, because of Simon.”

Will David succeed in wrecking Nick’s marriage?
“This is the first time ever I’ve had no idea what will happen. Anything involving Peter is going make Nick suspicious, but then Leanne doesn’t yet know about Nick’s night with Kylie.”

And when she finds out?
“Technically Leanne and Nick were on a break when it happened. I would hope that Leanne could forgive Nick because she’s also been unfaithful in the past, but I don’t know how Leanne will cope if it turns out that Nick is the father of Kylie’s baby. Leanne longs for a baby herself, but sadly has a very slim chance of ever having one…”

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