Corrie’s Jimi Mistry: ‘I don’t know how long Kal and Leanne can keep it under wraps’

Coronation Street’s Jimi Mistry tells Soaplife that if Kal can’t have Leanne he’ll stay single.
Why are Kal and Leanne fighting their feelings for one another?
“Because the situation with Nick is so delicate. Kal has become close to Nick and has played a big part in his rehabilitation. Nick’s also confided in Kal about his feelings for Leanne. As for Leanne… Well, she still cares about Nick, but not in that way.”

So they’re trying to be kind to Nick?
“Neither Kal nor Leanne wants to hurt Nick and when Leanne told Kal they couldn’t start a relationship because of Nick, he knew he had to accept that. Kal’s not happy about it, though.”

But Nick gets suspicious and questions Kal, doesn’t he?
“Yes, and Kal denies anything’s going on – it’s the only thing he can do in the circumstances. But the chemistry between Kal and Leanne is so strong, I don’t know how long it will remain under wraps. Even if nothing is going on between them, their attraction is obvious.”

How do you think Nick would react to Leanne dating Kal?
“Very, very badly. Nick is still madly in love with Leanne and Kal knows Nick pines after her.”

What is it about Leanne that Kal likes so much?
“She’s very attractive, but it’s more than that. It’s like it often is when you’re seriously attracted to someone… You can’t really put your finger on why. He does love her feistiness and spirit, though.”

Is Leanne the first woman Kal’s been seriously attracted to since his wife died?
“I think she is. It’s been a very difficult few years for Kal, but he is genuinely attracted to Leanne – and not in a casual way. He’d like a proper, serious relationship with her.”

How will Kal’s family react to that if it happens?
“They’re a progressive Muslim family so Leanne’s ethnicity wouldn’t be a problem. But they’re very protective of Kal and would worry about him getting hurt. There might be a few raised eyebrows over Leanne’s past, too. Not that it worries Kal – if anything, it makes her more fascinating.”

What if it doesn’t work out with Leanne? Are there any other ladies who might take his fancy?
“Kal may be a charmer, but he’s not a player. Leanne’s the only woman he’s genuinely interested in. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll just carry on with his life rather than go after another woman.”


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