Corrie’s Jimmi Harkishin: ‘Stella changes her mind about a date with Dev’

Coronation Street’s Jimmi Harkishin reveals to Soaplife that Dev’s bromance with his personal trainer Kal leads to a possible romance with Stella!

Has Dev always fancied Stella?
“Yes, but he’s never been in a situation before where he’s wanted to do anything about it. In a way, they have a lot in common because of what happened between Sunita and Karl, and they can sympathise with each other.”  

So he asks Stella to be his date for the Weatherfield Retailers’ ball…
“He does. He has more confidence in himself now he’s feeling more in shape thanks to Kal. He plucks up the courage to ask her and is really embarrassed when she turns him down at first. His confidence is knocked quite a bit, but happily she then changes her mind.”

Why do Dev and Kal get on so well?
“They’ve bonded because they’ve both lost their partners and Dev also likes the way Kal works. He can see that he’d be a good friend.”

How does Dev get on with Stella at the ball?

“Dev and Stella get on really well and have a wonderful time – even Tracy stealing Stella’s cloakroom ticket doesn’t ruin their evening. Dev’s really pleased. He thinks Stella might really like him.”

But does Stella like him in a romantic way?
“I have a feeling she just sees him as a friend. Maybe that will change, though.”

We know Stella is leaving the Street in the spring… Will Dev stand having his heart broken again?
“He’s not had the best time recently when it comes to relationships and Sunita’s death hit him very hard. I don’t think he could stand to have his heart broken again. It would knock him for six.”