Corrie’s John: ‘Karl’s got killing on his mind!’

John Michie reveals to Soaplife that the Rovers fire will flare up again for Karl in Coronation Street – with potentially devastating consequences. . .

Karl thinks the worst is behind him now that Stella’s agreed to marry him, doesn’t he?
“He thinks everything’s going to go well now. He’s going to have a new life with the woman that he wants and he’s going to be secure and safe. He’s been feeling very insecure and unsafe, and now he thinks everything’s going to turn out hunky-dory.”

But maybe it’s not… How will Karl feel if it comes to light that someone knows he was in the Rovers when the fire started?
“It will come as a big shock as it will be an out-of-the-blue thing. I think he’ll try and manipulate the person in order to get himself out of the situation.”

Will he kill again?
“If his secret is about to be revealed, there’s no telling what he might do so, yes, killing will be on his mind. The only way he can definitely shut anyone up is to kill them.”

Would he be able to live with himself afterwards?
“Karl compartmentalises his emotions and feelings, and tries not to analyse things. He’s so blinkered about achieving this end game of being with Stella, he pushes everything else to one side.”