Coronation Street’s Katie McGlynn tells Soaplife that Sinead is genuinely worried when she finds out why Cilla has really turned up again.

Fiz and Chesney have been deeply suspicious of mum Cilla’s motives since she suddenly pitched up at their door. But Sinead thinks differently. “She’s a bit wary of Cilla because of what Chesney’s told her. But having spent time with her, Sinead feels all is not what it seems. She feels sorry for Cilla and knows there’s something wrong with her,” Katie tells Soaplife.

What makes Sinead think that?
“Well, Cilla’s arm’s in a cast. She keeps saying it’s nothing, but Sinead has seen her wince in pain when she thinks no one’s looking. When Sinead unexpectedly walks in on Cilla and sees her in a lot of pain, she knows for sure that things aren’t good.”

What happens when Sinead confronts Cilla (Wendi Peters)?
“Sinead sits her down and asks her what’s really going on. Cilla tries to brush it off, but she eventually opens up and tells her everything because she knows Sinead only has good intentions. Cilla has osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones, and begs Sinead not to tell Chesney and Fiz.”

Why doesn’t she want them to know?
“Cilla thinks they won’t believe her if she tells them and I genuinely think she feels remorse for how she used to behave. Cilla doesn’t want their pity because she thinks she doesn’t deserve it. She just wants to see her family to make up for lost time. Sinead has no doubts that Cilla’s telling the truth.”

And she thinks Chesney (Sam Aston) should know the truth?
“Yes, especially when Cilla decides to go home. Sinead keeps imagining Cilla going home alone and being in pain with nobody around her to help, having been rejected by her family. She can’t bear the thought of it. When Cilla leaves, Sinead feels compelled to tell them because they’re being so cold and distant towards Cilla and she wants them to know what’s really going on. She can’t keep it to herself. She knows she has to tell them.”

How do they react?
“Ches doesn’t believe her at first and Fiz [Jennie McAlpine] isn’t sure, but they both realise Sinead’s right and Cilla’s told the truth. They start to feel guilty and realise they have to try and find her and bring her back.”

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