Corrie’s Kym Marsh: ‘Michelle is treading softly with Steve, Liz prefers tough love!’

Coronation Street’s Kym Marsh reveals to Soaplife how Michelle falls out with Liz over Steve…

Michelle and Liz have always been good mates, but they really don’t see eye-eye about how to help Steve deal with his depression. “Mum and girlfriend both want to help Steve because they love him so much and are so worried about him, but while Liz prefers the tough love approach, Michelle prefers treading softly,” says Kym.

What does Michelle think of Liz’s tough love approach to Steve?

“Michelle’s very protective of Steve [Simon Gregson] – especially since the minibus crash. She also feels a bit guilty that she didn’t pick up on the fact he has been depressed. She feels they should go easy on him, but Liz [Beverley Callard] thinks they should start making him do things.” 

Then Liz criticises Michelle for dating Hamish…
“And that’s upsetting for Michelle. Liz is having a go at her about how she tried to move on, but it was Steve who dumped her! They now know why he did it but, at the time, Michelle felt unloved and rejected. I think at the point Liz has a go at Michelle for dating Hamish [James Redmond], both are exhausted and have so much going on they are at each other’s throats. Michelle defends herself, telling Liz that Hamish made her feel wanted and that’s what she really needed at the time.”

And Steve overhears her. How does he feel?
“He feels dejected, as though he’s let Michelle down and that she’s better off without him. He slopes off to Streetcars and later tells Michelle she’d be better off leaving him.”

How does Michelle react?
“It breaks her heart because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Michelle does everything she can to persuade him that he’s wrong. She wants to do everything she can to help him get better.”

Making up with Liz would be a good start, wouldn’t it?
“Of course and both women realise they shouldn’t be arguing – that they’re extremely stressed because they’re worried and there’s so much going on. They come to the conclusion that no matter how different their approach to helping Steve, ultimately they both want the best for him.”

So Michelle’s going to stand by Steve?
“She will do everything in her power to help him and will stand by him through thick and thin. She’s going to be with Steve every step of the way.”

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