Corrie’s Kym Marsh: ‘Tracy wants revenge and she’s lashing out at everything and everyone’

Another Coronation Street wedding, another drama. Kym Marsh talks to Soaplife about Tracy’s threat to Steve and Michelle’s happiness…

After all their ups and downs, and trials and tribulations, Michelle Connor and Steve McDonald are ready to wed. “It’s a registry office do because they don’t have much money,” explains Kym. “But as Michelle’s a wedding planner, she’s been able to pull in a few favours. They’ve also done everything themselves, decked out the Rovers so it looks beautiful, and they’re looking forward to it being the happiest day of their lives.” And Tracy’s looking forward to wrecking it…

How excited is Michelle about getting married?
“Things were a bit muted because Michelle and Steve have been worried about their jobs and their home at the Rovers being in jeopardy. When Carla [Alison King] offers to buy Liz’s [Beverley Callard] share of the pub, though, Michelle’s very excited.”

Tracy’s not! Does Michelle have any idea how furious Tracy is?
“Not a clue! But then she has no inkling Tony [Terence Maynard] has been having an affair with Tracy and they’re planning to take over the Rovers. There’s a scene when Carla and Michelle are talking about Carla now part-owning the pub and a fuming Tracy overhears them. She’s shaking with rage, but no one notices.”

Will Tracy (Kate Ford) ruin the wedding?
“If she has her way, she will. She wants revenge and she’s lashing out at everything and everyone.”

Is Tracy’s affair with Tony revealed on Michelle’s wedding day?
“It does come out, but I’m not saying what happens next or how the happy couple react. Sorry!”

Do you want Steve and Michelle to have a happy ever after?
Simon [Gregson, who plays Steve] always says we’re the Ross and Rachel [from Friends] of Coronation Street and, yeah, I’d like them to stay together now. They’ve been through so much – not just recently but way back – and it would be weird if they didn’t have much of a future.”

Coronation Street, ITV.


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