Corrie’s Marc Baylis: ‘Once you know you’re a murderer in a soap, you know your time is limited’

Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis tells Soaplife that Rob is trying to keep a cool head as he frames Peter for Tina’s murder… But adds, “I know my time is limited on the show”.

Rob’s never liked Peter but does he feel deep hatred for him now?
“Total hatred. Rob thinks Peter is a loser and blames him for everything that’s happened. Rob never felt he was good enough for Carla.”

Doesn’t he feel guilty for trying to frame Peter for a murder he committed?
“Rob has totally justified it in his mind because he feels that, although Peter didn’t commit the actual murder, if Peter hadn’t had the affair and started drinking again then Tina wouldn’t be dead. Rob wouldn’t have had to go and see her on the night he killed her. For Rob, it’s always been about protecting family.”

You mean Carla?
“Tracy, too. They are his priority – if it ever looked like they were going to take the rap for the murder he would not let that happen. It’s why he panicked when Carla was questioned by the police. He would be willing to confess if either she or Tracy were arrested – he would die for them. But as it’s Peter in the frame, he has no issue with that. He wants Peter arrested and charged.”

Is any part of him glad Tina’s dead?
“Rob really tries not to think about Tina. If he did, he wouldn’t be able to cope with the guilt. Instead, he focuses on Peter. He has to keep a cool head.”

So why does Rob go to Tina’s funeral?
“He doesn’t want to go but Carla, who’s in a bad way, asks him to go with her and he wants to be there for her – even more so now she’s lost the baby. Peter’s there, drunk, and that really upsets Carla, which pushes Rob over the edge and they get into a fight.”

Does Carla suspect that Rob might be the murderer?
“No, which makes it very easy for Rob to mouth off about Peter. No one suspects Rob. He has no motive for killing Tina. Only the viewers know they had words and she was threatening to expose him and Tracy.”

What kind of future is Rob facing?
“Well, once you know you’re going to murder someone in a soap, you know your time is limited! I know when I’m leaving but there are so many twists and turns in the storyline, I don’t want to reveal that just yet.

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