Corrie’s Marc Baylis says he won’t disappear completely when killer Rob is found out

Coronation Street star Marc Baylis, who will be leaving the soap any minute now, has revealed he has shunned Hollywood as he wants to keep working on British TV.

Marc has spent the past two-and-half years playing bad boy Rob Donovan, who is about to be exposed as the real killer of Tina McIntyre.

But Marc revealed he won’t be going to Los Angeles to find work, saying: “I did consider going over there for pilot season but there’s so much good writing going on over here that I’ve opted to stay in the UK. I’m trying to buy a property and bed down here [in London].”

“It’s weird for me to have that conversation,” Marc added. “Before Corrie I was a jobbing actor and now in my own head that’s what I’m going back to being and it’s weird after two-and-a-half years that that’s a question that keeps coming up.

“I’m open to whatever comes along. I’d like to do something as different as possible, not northern for example. Down here is home to me. And something where we do have a little bit more time to get more detail in there. We do get as much detail in there as we possibly can, but it’d be nice to be able to breathe a bit more.”

Asked if playing soap hunk Rob had made him body conscious, Marc said: “Yeah it does but I try not to be vain. I think we’ve all got a level of vanity within us but more than anything else it’s the healthy avenue I’m interested in.

“I wouldn’t want to look like a WWE wrestler, let’s put it that way.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, October 27, 7.30pm



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