Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife that Tina’s back from holiday – and gets a horrible reality check in Coronation Street


Has Tina’s holiday with Tommy helped her to come to terms with giving up baby Jake?

“She used the break as an opportunity to try to move on. I don’t think she quite understands or thinks about how it will be when she gets back to the Street.”

And when she gets back it’s not good…

“Reality hits home and Tina can’t escape everything that has happened, especially as Jake is out of hospital now.”

Does Tommy help her?

“He’s being so supportive. Tommy always knows when something’s on Tina’s mind – even when she’s got her barriers up.”

What if Tina and Tommy had a baby?

“Having a baby would only mask the pain, it wouldn’t solve her problems. Jake will always be a part of her, so having another baby wouldn’t help. It would make the situation worse!”

Will Tina ever be able to be friends with Izzy and Gary again?

“She’d really like it to all go back to how it was before Jake arrived, but whether that’s possible is another matter. At the moment Tina’s really struggling to see Izzy and Gary so happy, even though they’ve done nothing wrong.”

And Tina doesn’t cope with Jake’s homecoming celebration at the Rovers…

“Tina wants closure and thinks that seeing Jake with all of his family will help her with that. But the whole thing actually blows up and goes in the complete opposite direction and she storms out of the pub.”

And she’s got a bottle of vodka with her…  

“Tina just wants to block the world out. It isn’t until she listens to a voicemail from worried Rita that she comes to her senses. She throws the vodka away and goes home – where she discovers Rita’s gone looking for her and is now missing! She feels terribly guilty. Tina knows that this is all her fault and she wants to do everything in her power to find Rita.”

Does Tina start to think straight now?

“Yes. Rita going missing really shakes her up and she’ll start to realise that baby Jake belongs with Gary and Izzy, not her. But first they’ve got to find Rita…”