Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan reveals to Soaplife how time runs out for Peter’s lover Tina…

Tina thinks she and Peter are running away together. What goes wrong?

“She thinks Peter loves her and can take care of her. Obviously he doesn’t. She’s got herself into a mess. There’s an emotional struggle going on. She needs to leave Coronation Street behind. She’s built up her hopes a lot. But then Peter knocks them down again.”

She finds out Carla is pregnant?

“Yes. Peter’s said he’ll leave Carla and that they’ll move away – he’s even given Tina his credit card to buy travel tickets. She’s got her bags packed ready to go, but he stands her up. She walks into the Rovers, only to hear Peter giving a speech about how he is excited to be a dad!”

No! What’s her reaction?

“Tina’s totally gutted. Peter, meanwhile, is petrified that she’ll tell Carla about their affair.”

And then Tina is attacked…

“There’s an argument between Tina and her attacker on the balcony at the builders’ yard – they scuffle, Tina falls over the balcony and is critically injured.”

Is it Peter who attacks her?

“That would be telling! Obviously Peter’s a suspect – he doesn’t want Tina to say anything to Carla because everything could be ruined. But Carla, Rob and Tracy are all suspects, too…”

Tina’s taken to hospital, but we know she doesn’t survive…

“I know what happens – at least I think I do – but I haven’t told anyone and it’s really exciting. Keeps everyone guessing!”

Where are you planning to watch Tina’s final episode?

“At my dad’s house. That was where I watched my first episode. So I’m going to watch my last episode there. It’s going to be quite emotional!”