Coronation Street’s Michelle Keegan tells Soaplife that Tina is bewildered by Peter’s ability to pretend normality with Carla – and she can’t deal with it…

Does Tina hate what she’s doing behind Carla’s back?

“She feels so guilty about what she’s doing to Carla, but her passion for Peter is bigger than any feeling of guilt. She knows she shouldn’t want him but she does. She wants Peter to tell Carla the truth because she feels so guilty.”

Why does Peter go to Tina’s flat?

“Peter vows to leave Tina alone. She’s so frustrated and angry with him she ends up smashing a glass. He cleans up her cut, but they just can’t resist each other. They go to kiss but are interrupted by a call from Carla…”


“Tina’s very shocked and sickened at how normal and loving Peter sounds. She’s finding this so hard and can’t understand how Peter can easily switch from being so passionate with her to talking normally to his wife. She’s shocked, but she still finds him irresistible. Deep down she still wants him and that’s why she gives him the ultimatum: he either tells Carla the truth about them or she leaves.”

What’s Peter’s response?

“Peter refuses. He tells her he doesn’t love her and he’s staying with Carla. Tina’s totally crushed.”

Will Tina really leave if Peter doesn’t do what she wants?

“It’s her only option. She just can’t stand around and watch Peter and Carla together…”