Returning to Coronation Street, Sally Ann Matthews reveals to Soaplife that blast-from-the-past Jenny Bradley is Kevin Webster’s internet date!

Jenny Bradley was last on the Street back in 1993, when she demanded foster mother Rita give her a huge sum of money. Rita sent her away with £1000 and a flea in her ear and told her never to darken the Kabin door again. Now Jenny’s back in Weatherfield – dating Kevin!

“Jenny found Kevin on an internet dating site and arranges to meet him… She always had a crush on Kev, plus it’s reassuring to date someone she already knows,” says Sally Ann.

How does Kevin react to seeing her?

“They immediately get on and start reminiscing, with Jenny tentatively asking after Rita [Barbara Knox]. But there’s a mutual attraction there, too.”

And they have another date…

“Jenny’s unsure at first – she knows if she becomes involved with Kevin she’ll meet up with all these people from her past. But they have dinner and Kevin asks her to go to the Rovers with him. He reassures her Rita won’t be there because she’s on holiday. So Jenny says yes.”

What happens when she walks into the Rovers?

“There are a number of, ‘Oh no, not Jenny Bradley’ comments from people who remember her. People new to the Street since she was last there are pleasant enough – until they’re told who she is and then their attitude instantly changes! Norris [Malcolm Hebden] is really horrible to her, even though he’s never met her before. Jenny’s upset and leaves the pub.”

Does Kevin follow her?

“Yes and they end up kissing. I wasn’t nervous about my first Corrie snog in decades – I’ve known Michael Le Vell since we were kids.”

What will happen when Jenny and Rita meet again?

“It will be… interesting. I’m not going to say any more – although within a few weeks, you’ll see them trying to rebuild their relationship.”

How long is Jenny back for?

“Quite a while. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end to her story but certain elements may change.”

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