Corrie star Alan: ‘I’m gutted it’s coming to an end’

Tyrone’s about to learn his fate in Coronation Street and actor Alan Halsall takes time out to talk to TV Times magazine about what’s next for him and his luckless character…

How do you feel about the domestic abuse story coming to an end this week?
“In one sense I am gutted that it’s coming to an end, as it has been the biggest storyline I have been involved in, but you know, these storylines can’t go on for ever. I knew it was going to be coming to a head around about now, but hopefully this storyline will lead to others.”

What sort of a week is Tyrone in for as the court case progresses?
“It’s a terrifying week for Tyrone. He is not feeling confident at all. He is very naïve and thought that if he stood in court and said it as it was, people would believe him, but he is starting to see that may not be enough.”

What was it like filming in a real court?
“It was really atmospheric. It’s my first court case on Corrie. It’s a real old-fashioned courtroom; there are all these barristers and you get this build-up of drama. I was thinking ‘Who has been sat here before?'”

Is Tyrone thinking about Fiz?
“Absolutely. What he has wanted most out of his life is that settled family life, he sees that with Fiz and it has been taken out of his reach”

Is everybody asking you how it ends?
“All the way through this the reaction from people in the street has been gob-smacking. Now, when I’m walking along, people stop me and say ‘Does this mean you are out of prison?'”

How do you feel about winning the Outstanding Performance in a Serial Drama award at the Nationa Television Awards for the first time?
“Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a big enough ego and anyone here will tell you that, but I think the award is more to do with what they have done with the story. I was thrilled with it, but it’s been such a group effort. The writers, all the people behind the scenes, and Natalie Gumede and Jennie McAlpine in the front – I think we all share it.”

Did you feel the time was right for you to take on such a huge storyline?
“Yes, because before it, Tyrone had been through two tough stories. He found out that his baby was his best friend’s and his wife Molly died. Then Jack, the man who was his father figure died. I was ready for something even bigger to get my teeth into, but also, Tyrone was very vulnerable to what happened next.”

Are you pleased with the way the story ends?
“Yes, I am glad that Corrie have taken it as far as possible, to the point where people will either realise that Tyrone is not the perpetrator or that he wasn’t and it’s too late.”

Will you be sad to see Natalie Gumede go?
“Devastated. She is such a talented actress, I love her to pieces and to make an immediate impact on a show like this is a tough thing to do. I’m excited for her and I think she will go on to some really exciting projects.”

You must be feeling on top of the world. Your career is flying high and you’ve just announced that you and your wife, actress Lucy-Jo Hudson, are having a baby…
“Yes, life is good at the moment. Lucy-Jo and I are both over the moon and here at work, I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for Tyrone. All he wants is a settled family life with Fiz and Ruby, but you don’t always get what you want in soaps.”


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