Coronation Street‘s Alan Halsall talks to Soaplife about how Kirsty turns even nastier after she’s suspended from the police – and hits out at Tyrone!

Why is Kirsty suspended from her job?
“She and Tyrone are caught searching the Town Hall for evidence of corruption over Terry’s lap-dancing club.”

And she blames Tyrone?
“Yes, because of the situation, how it developed. It was of her own doing, but she turns round and says it was Tyrone’s doing.”

So why is she furious when he gets her a job at the factory?
“He thinks a job’s a job, something to do while this police thing blows over. In Kirsty’s eyes, though, she’s gone from her calling in life to be a police officer to stuffing knickers in a box.”

What makes her snap?
“Tyrone apologises, but suggests she is over-reacting. That’s the boiling point that finally tips her over the edge and she hits him.”

How hard?
“He is badly hurt; she hits him with force with a kitchen utensil. He has a badly cut lip. But it’s more the shock of what she’s done… It takes him back to his childhood, which is not a nice place for him to be. Tyrone’s had a very bad upbringing; he was hit and put in care homes and all kinds when he was a kid.”

Why does he lie about his injuries?
“Because he’s embarrassed. He covers up and says that a box fell out of the attic onto his face.”

Kirsty apologises, but if she hits him again what would he do?
“That’s the problem, I don’t think that Tyrone would handle it too well. He clams up this time and bottles up his emotions which could be bad for him.”